Urgent! Help Find WAN’s Most WANted; Hunter Who Brutally Killed Chimpanzee


Horrific images emerged today of a male Chimpanzee who became the tragic victim of a savage hunter’s expedition in the Sapele area of the Delta State. The poor primate was heartlessly butchered and killed for bushmeat.

The first entry in a new series entitled WAN’s Most WANted, we are requesting help in finding the man who did this! Justice must be served!

Contact The President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari on IG, Facebook & Twitter and let him know that this sick crime against our wildlife reflects badly on Nigeria and must be taken seriously!

Dr. (Mrs) Ehi-Ebewele Elizabeth – Deputy Director
, Head of Wildlife and CITES Management Division
 Federal Department of Forestry
Federal Ministry of Environment
 Mabushi District
 P.M.B. 468, Garki
ABUJA Tel: +234 (80) 23 12 01 06
 Email: elizaehi@yahoo.com; elizabethehiebewele@gmail.com; dg@nesrea.gov.ng

Contact: The Federal Ministry of Environment Headquarter at Block C Mabuchi, Abuja Tel: 09 523 3611Email: info@environment.gov.ng

Report This Crime to Wildleaks https://wildleaks.org/contact/

Please Share Far and Wide! This Cannot Be Tolerated and Justice Must Be Served!

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