Urgent! Help Needed To Identify The Murderers Who Poisoned & Killed 5 Lions At A South African Wildlife Park This Week

When WAN reported in early July the tragic news that six lions were poisoned and killed at a wildlife park in South Africa, we were heartbroken, outraged, and shocked.

Learning that five more lions had suffered a similar tragic demise earlier this week at a different South African park, was unfathomable.

“Tragedy struck last night at our park. We lost five Lions to murderers,” noted a post from Akwaaba Predator Park, sharing that it is offering a cash reward for any information that leads to the successful capture and conviction of these ‘monsters.’ “That is what they are, they killed our babies. Our hearts are broken. We are down but not out.”

According to reports, poachers cut through a fence to access the Rustenburg-based reserve and poisoned the five animals; one which had its face and paws cut off.

As per Times Live, North West police confirmed yesterday that four animal paws, thought to have been severed from one lion was found in a bag four farms away from Akwaaba Predator Park.

As noted previously by WAN, the equally appalling news that six lions were similarly found at the Mystic Monkeys & Feathers Wildlife Park in South Africa in early July. Tainted chicken that was heavily laced with poison was reportedly thrown over an electric fence that surrounded the lions.

It is not yet known what poison was used to kill the lions in this most recent massacre.

Anyone with information that leads to the capture and conviction of their murders should contact Akwaaba Predator Park at +27(0)71 731 7103 or by mobile at +27(0)83 282 9786. You can also e-mail information to info@akwaabalodge.co.za.

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