Urgent Help Needed To Rescue & Relocate Dogs At Risk Of Being Killed At Orphanage In Haiti

Photo from Haiti Children

Dogs that live on the grounds of an orphanage in Haiti are severely at risk of unnecessarily losing their lives and urgently need to be relocated to Aspen, Colorado.

Tragically, hunger, gangs, and political violence have escalated in the rural area surrounding the orphanage, and while the residents at the orphanage are reportedly safe, sadly, the dogs are not. Many of the dogs have already been poisoned and killed by unruly villagers who viewed them as competition for food.

The situation is especially heartbreaking because for nine years, the orphanage’s beloved dogs have been a staple in the lives of the 162 resident children and have helped them tremendously, while teaching them about responsibility, respect, and compassion.

The dogs need help now! Even the children at the orphanage understand the dire situation and need to relocate their pets in order to spare their lives.

As noted in the Aspen Daily News, co-founders Susie Krabacher, who is CEO of Haiti Children, and Anne Cooley of Aspen Animal Hospital are praying that someone will donate a flight on a private jet to pick up 22 dogs, including eight who are 7-month-old puppies.

Forever homes in Aspen and surrounding areas are also needed for the rescued dogs who are described as a “smaller version of a mix between a German shepherd and a Labrador.” The majority of the dogs have lived their entire lives at the orphanage and have received documented veterinary care, except for the puppies.

Once safely relocated, Aspen Animal Hospital will donate “initial medical needs, including immunizations for the puppies, spay and neuter procedures and health checks.”

WAN is sending prayers to both the people and animals of Haiti. May these innocent dogs be saved!

For more information about adopting these amazing dogs, and for those interested in helping with transportation, please email: aecooley@outlook.com

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