Urgent Help Needed Today To Prevent Forced Killing Of Raccoons, Opossums & Coyotes In Indiana

The Department of Natural Resources is considering a controversial rule change that would make it mandatory for animal control specialists in Indiana to kill thousands of raccoons, opossums and coyotes each year.

Currently, the decision whether to exterminate or release a captured animal in the same county in which they are caught is up to the service provider; and one, in particular, is doing everything he can to keep it that way.

WAN talked with Michael Meservy, owner of Advanced Pest Control in Indianapolis about how people can join his fight against the fish and wildlife policy change that would mean a death sentence to what some people sadly refer to as “nuisance” animals.

“It’s the worst part of the job,” Meservy told WAN about having to put an animal down. Fortunately, it is rare, Meservy estimates that he has only had to put down eight animals during his 17 years in business because they were either critically injured or carrying a disease.

At his busiest, Meservy catches between 150 to 200 animals a year which he then releases with permission on residential properties or local farms.

“The first question customers ask me is do you kill the animals, the next question is how much does it cost,” explained Meservy who shared with WAN that if the change is enacted he may lose his business because he will not participate in the killing of healthy animals. “Even if people don’t care about the morality or the economics of the possible change, the fact that it limits consumers options is a problem as well.”

Meservy, who has a degree in environmental science from Purdue University, is now contemplating focusing on using scents to get wild animals to move on, rather than trapping and relocation.

Though it has not been confirmed, there has been some speculation that the suggested change is politically motivated.

The public has until Midnight on Friday, March 23rd to voice their opposition to the rule change.

You can support Meservy’s efforts to stop this travesty before it begins in the following ways.

Send a letter of opposition to the Natural Resources Commission at Indiana Government Center North, 100 N. Senate Ave., Room N103, Indianapolis, IN 46204-2200

People can also leave a comment online and obtain further information HERE!

Those in the area who want to voice their opposition in person may also do so by attending a meeting on Thursday, March 22nd at Mounds State Park, Pavilion, Anderson, Indiana, starting at 5:30 p.m.

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