URGENT! Help Save Nellie The Rhino From Being Sold To China

URGENT! Please Donate $1 or anything you can spare to save Nellie the Rhino from being sold to China. Donation link HERE! World Animal News & Peace 4 Animals will put in the difference from anything not raised to save Nellie’s life.

He has 12 days left to be saved! Poachers shot her twice in 2016 and she still carries the scars, but against all odds she survived. The good news is that she tested pregnant when being treated for her wounds.

Sold by her owner that no longer wanted to keep rhinos on his farm fearing more poaching attacks, Nellie was moved, but sadly has not taken well to this farm; so much so that she has developed a deep depression, possibly post-traumatic stress disorder, which is causing stomach ulcers. Ulcers in rhinos can eventually lead to death. Nellie’s submissive behaviour is also causing other rhinos in the farm to attack her. Her owner now fears that he will lose her and the baby due to her depression and sickness, or injury by the herd, and thus wants to sell her.

A South African-based charity fears she may fall into the wrong hands and could potentially be sold and exported to China. They have intervened and offered to buy her to ensure she and her baby will be safe.

They have raised nearly 50% of the USD $30,000 needed in just FOURTEEN days, but they still need another $15,000 to move Nellie to safety.

The amount needed for this rescue is high, but keep in mind that a single rhino horns is valued at almost USD $300,000 on the illegal black market in China or Vietnam, the rescue amount needed is very low to save a mom and baby.

PLEASE help us save Nellie and get her to a new home. One where she can feel safe to have her baby and finally be away from sadness. The new sanctuary has thousands of acres of land and is classified as an Intensive Protection Zone.

Thank you! 🙏❤️🌍 End Extinction, World Animal News & Peace 4 Animals


You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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