Urgent! Horse Rescue Near SoCal Wildfires Has More Than 40 Horses That Must Find A New Home By December 20th!

Wild horses rescued by the Wild for Life Foundation that was roaming on federal lands have a new home at the Wild Horse Foundation’s facility in Ramona Friday, July 7, 2017. Photos from SCNG

A Los Angeles-based non-profit that rescues and provides recovery and sanctuary services for imperiled and displaced horses, has issued an urgent plea for emergency help.

Now in its 10th year of operation, Wild For Life Foundation and its Lifetime Equine Refuge has long leased equine properties in Southern California’s rural communities to serve and house at-risk horses from in and around five counties.

The Lifetime Equine Refuge, which is the primary lifesaving and enrichment program under the Wild For Life Foundation, provides a second chance at life to injured, distressed, displaced, and at-risk equines, through rescue, sanctuary and preservation.

Unfortunately, a property owner in Ramona, where they currently house over 40 rescue, wild and domestic horses and burros, has recently begun to repurpose the land to serve commercial chicken producers.

Sadly, due to a questionable increase in rent, the charity is being forced to vacate the property days before Christmas and amidst the Southern California’s raging wildfires; leaving it in desperate need of a new location as it currently has nowhere to relocate with their rescued horses.

“We had a place picked out and had begun the moving process, but that location suddenly slipped away during the peak of the wildfire storms here in Southern California,” said co-founder and president of Wild For Life Foundation, Katia Louise. “The competing demand for pasture space together with the need for commercial boarding facilities to turn a profit makes it even harder when a small but effective charity like ours needs to find space for rescued horses on a tight budget.”

According to the organization, all of its volunteers, friends, and supporters who had space available, now have their hands’ full housing homeless wildfire victims whose barns and farms have burned to the ground.

The non-profit and refuge have been given a firm deadline of December 20th, 2017, to move off the property in order to make room for incoming commercial tenants.

Louise and her volunteers are seeking emergency funds, transport assistance, and urgently needed accommodations on a temporary basis until they locate a new permanent home of their own.

“Suddenly we’re at ground zero,” stated Louise. “Even backup locations that would normally be available to us are not an option right now because of the ongoing wildfires.”

The wildfires have placed a severe strain on local animal charities like WFLF, at a time when resources for rescue animals are already tapped.

Donations can be made to the Wild For Life Foundation HERE!

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