Urgent! Information Sought After Animals Mysteriously Slaughtered On Arkansas Family Farm

In a horrifying case described as something “straight out of a horror movie,” 10 animals were found brutally slaughtered on a family farm in Woodruff County, Arkansas.

The massacre was discovered last Friday by William Wiggins and his family who had gone to check on their beloved farm animals as they did every morning.

William Wiggins and his daughter in a screenshot

Tragically, eight goats, one alpaca, and one calf had been attacked and killed. One goat survived the senseless attack and is recuperating.

“The Woodruff County Sheriff’s Department is looking for leads into last night’s massacre of animals at the Ferrell Wiggins’ property in the Pumpkin Bend community,” Woodruff County Sheriff, Phil Reynolds posted on the department’s Facebook page. “Please notify the department if you have any leads or saw any suspicious activity between 7 pm on December 28th and 8 am on December 29th in that area. Contact the department via Facebook or 870.347.2583. Please share this post to help get the word out.”

As of this morning, the initial $500.00 Wiggins Reward Fund that the department set up for anyone with information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for this heinous act, has grown to $2,145.00.

People can contact Merchants and Planters bank if they want to make a donation to help catch the people that committed this horrible crime. “The reward amount is still growing. We are so very thankful for each donation. This is still an ongoing investigation” stated Reynolds.

Anyone with information should call Woodruff County Sheriff’s Department at (870) 347-2583

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