Urgent Letters In Support Of The Humane Poultry Slaughter Act In California Needed By Tuesday, April 3rd!


California Assembly Bill 3159, the Humane Poultry Slaughter Act, was introduced by Assemblymember Tony Thurmond and sponsored by animal advocacy groups, Social Compassion in Legislation, Humane Society of the United States, and Mercy For Animals.

The Humane Poultry Slaughter Act will require that poultry be rendered insensitive to pain before being shackled for slaughter, bringing the poultry slaughter practice in line with existing regulations for all other livestock. The proposed bill would only apply to slaughtering facilities subject to inspection by the state of California.

Assemblymember Tony Thurmond of the 15th district stated, “California has always been a leader in protecting animals, and I’m proud to introduce AB 3159 which will continue that tradition by bringing California’s standards in line with protections offered to other farmed animals.”

“Typically, the poultry industry slaughter of chickens involves immense physical and psychological suffering. The birds are shackled upside down while fully conscious. This causes tremendous pain to their legs, which are often already crippled,” explained Josh Balk, Vice President of Farm Animal Protection at the Humane Society of the United States. “While other farm animals are required to be rendered unconscious prior to slaughter, California law currently excludes poultry. This arbitrary allowance of unnecessary suffering does not reflect Californians’ sentiment that all animals should be protected from abuse.”

“Chickens make up 98 percent of animals raised for food, yet they are arbitrarily and unjustly denied basic protections offered other farmed animals,” stated Vandhana Bala, general counsel for Mercy For Animals. “Most Californians would be horrified to see how chickens are killed as a result. Fortunately, the poultry industry is already moving toward better practices, a shift that this measure would promote by providing basic minimum legal standards.” “We are thrilled that

“Assemblymember Thurmond is taking a stand to protect all farmed animals in California,” stated Judie Mancuso, founder and president of Social Compassion in Legislation. “We look forward to working with him and the rest of the California legislature to make sure all poultry are afforded protections against cruel and painful slaughter methods.”

Californians are urged to send letters supporting this critical bill no later than Tuesday, April 3rd. Send your letter HERE!

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