Urgent! We Need Your Help To Find The Suspect Who Shot 28 Ducks That Were Found In Garbage Bags In Washington


The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Enforcement is requesting the public’s help to solve a wildlife case involving the death of 28 ducks in Grays Harbor.

“On December 26th, officers discovered three white garbage bags containing 28 ducks shot and dumped whole at the Devonshire road turnout, on SR 12 (roughly nine miles east of Aberdeen),” the enforcement division of the WDFW stated on Facebook. “Of the 28 ducks, 8 were hen Mallards, 18 Drake Mallards and two were smaller birds.”

They estimated that the time of death appeared to have occurred over the Christmas holiday weekend.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the WDFW Police Dispatch at 360-902-2936, or case officer Becker at 360-742-8516, to report any information that may help solve this case.

Those who provide information will be kept confidential and may be eligible for a monetary reward as a result of information leading to an arrest of the suspect.

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