Urgent! Sign Petition Demanding That China Reinstate The Ban On Tiger Bones & Rhino Horn


As reported by WAN earlier this week, China has made the appalling decision to overturn a 25 year ban on the trade of tiger bones and rhino horn.

It is urgent that animal advocates take action and demand the immediate reinstatement of the ban. Especially before any more innocent lives are lost under the false guise that tiger bones and rhino horn have medicinal powers used in Chinese medicine; which they do not.

While there is no scientific backing that rhino horn and tiger bones cure any sickness or illness, there is also no question that it is morally wrong to senselessly kill animals for the selfish benefit of humans.

Of equal concern and urgency, the overturned ban drastically undermines international efforts for tiger and rhino conservation, as both species are on the brink of extinction in the wild.

Unfathomably, the government also legalized the domestic trade in antique tiger and rhino products.

As per WAN’s previous report, according to the Environmental Investigation Agency, by reversing the 25-year-old ban on the tiger bone and rhino horn trade, China has revealed its “real hand” in which “the Government is evidently far more interested in stimulating and appeasing its traditional medicine and burgeoning tiger farming industries” than it is of protecting tigers and rhinos by working towards ending the vast demand in the country for their parts and products.

It’s imperative that we move forward, not backwards in the conservation and protection of these critical species.

Demand China Reinstate the Ban on Rhino Horn and Tiger Bone by signing Care2’s Petition HERE!

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