Urgent! Sign Petition Launched After A “Hunter” Slaughtered Wolves At Denali National Park With An AR-15

National Park Service

When you hunt with an AR15, even a wolf is a sitting duck, notes a Care2 petition that will be sent to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (DFG). The department is finding this out after officials investigated one “hunter” who went to the edge of the Denali National Park and waited for the wolves to enter into unprotected lands before he bombarded them with bullets.

Further emphasizing that the wolves of Denali are in trouble, activists have been fighting to create a permanent no-hunting buffer around the park that would shield unsuspecting wolves from the dangers lurking just beyond the reserve.

This year, the area around the park has had an extremely high wolf harvest rate, more than the past 5-year average. When hunting is allowed, family groups are disrupted and the viability of entire wolf populations are put in jeopardy.

That’s what happened in the Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve, a park near Denali. Hunting became so destructive in and around the area that scientists had to end a 20-year research program on predator-prey relationships. The reason? The wolves of the park no longer lived in a natural state. The problem is now so grave that the wolf population will likely collapse without intervention.

Don’t let this happen to the wolves of Denali!

Please sign the Care2 petition urging the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (DFG) to implement a permanent buffer zone around Denali National Park HERE!  

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