Urgent! Signatures Needed On Petition To End The Evala Dog Eating Festival In Africa


In a little known about tradition, horrifically, each year thousands of teenage boys in Togo, Africa, go into isolation for a full week to gorge on dog meat for a full seven days. The teenagers then reappear and spend the following week, the first week of July, gorging on even more dog meat, as they compete in ‘traditional initiation’ wrestling competitions known as Evala, in Togo, Africa.

The two-week annual ritual is performed by each teenage young man, over three years. As the Evala wrestling practice spreads across more locations, so does the mass slaughter of dogs for dog meat, seen as the wrestler’s secret weapon for success. Really?

Each competitor desires the attributes which dogs possess: loyalty, courage, intelligence, endurance, cunning, faithfulness and so on. It is falsely believed eating dog meat will transfer the dog’s attributes to the consumer, giving the consumer supernatural powers over their opponent.

While it is not known how many dogs are slaughtered each year for the Evala festival, the number must be staggering as thousands of young men from numerous different tribes participate in this unfathomable competition.

This is one of many reasons to sign the current Care2 petition urging Africa to end the Evala festival and the abhorrent abuse of innocent dogs for their meat.

Rabies also presents a serious problem across Africa as dogs and cats are not health checked prior to slaughter for consumption; putting both locals and tourists in jeopardy as well by continuing to slaughter and consume the animals.

Fight Dog Meat is calling for the Evala festival to ban the slaughter of dogs and consumption of dog meat and embrace the window of opportunity to become a professional event, guaranteeing the survival of the wrestling performance of athleticism.

Please, help fight for these innocent dogs and cats in the meat trade and urge for the END of the Evala festival as it stands now by signing the petition HERE!

The slaughtering and eating of dogs and cats in Togo, and everywhere around the world must end!

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