Urgent Signatures Needed After Thousands Of Chickens Die Due To Moy Park Farm’s Negligence During Recent UK Heat Wave


The UK recently experienced extremely high temperatures during which thousands of chickens died at one of the largest meat suppliers in the country, Moy Park Farms.

Tragically, Moy Park was not prepared for the emergency nor did they do enough to save the poor chickens that perished in the heat wave late last month.

While the chickens should not have been imprisoned in the first place, there must have been some way to prepare for the extreme weather, such as installing a cooling system or moving the chickens somewhere where they would be safe from the extreme heat.

The truth is that most factory farms seem to treat their animals as “disposable items” because they are going to be slaughtered anyways. Sadly, while we can’t stop that from happening altogether just yet, we can demand that the conditions in which the animals are held in be as humane as possible.

This is just another tragic example of the  sickening conditions innocent animals at factory farms endure; this time resulting in their death under appallingly cruel and preventable circumstances.

Moy Park supplies supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Ocado.

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