Urgent Signatures Needed To Help Rescue Animals That Were Abandoned After Zoo Closed Its Doors In Spain

Photo from Ayamonte Turismo Facebook

Wild animals were born with the instincts that they need to help them survive and thrive in the wild. While these facts may be true, there are still hundreds of thousands of wild animals still living in zoos in the modern day.

However, once in captivity, animals are no longer self-sufficient. For the rest of their lives, they are 100% dependent on the zoo staff for food, care, and stimulation. When a zoo closes, it can’t simply pull down the blinds, padlock the doors and walk away. Before officially closing, they first must find a safe place for their animals to retire.

Sadly, some zoos actually choose to abandon their animals, locking the door behind them as their menagerie stares back at them from behind the metal bars. This is exactly what happened to the zoo animals at Parque Zoologico Prudencio Navarro on Spain’s Costa de la Luz.

After years of complaints from concerned citizens, the zoo finally stopped pretending to care for its animals and decided to close its doors. Except they decided to abandon the animals, and now their lions, tigers, and bears, have nowhere to go.

Thanks to good samaritans, they have been provided with food and water, they have taken it upon themselves to tend to the animals. Meanwhile, the zoo operators are long gone.

Of course, these heroes can only do so much. According to reports, the animals are festering in their own feces and urine. Their water moats are dirty, and their overall conditions are horrific. Additionally, since park staff has left, the security at the park is next to nothing. Dangerous animals could easily escape, putting both people and other zoo animals at risk.

The clock is ticking for these animals. They need to be re-homed to accredited sanctuaries immediately so that they can get the care they so desperately need. We are praying that they will finally have a life free from this horrific zoo.

Please sign this Care2 petition to call on Spain’s Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA) to rescue these animals and find them the proper sanctuaries. SIGN HERE!

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