Urgent! Signatures Needed To Tell U.S. Congress That Victims of Dogfighting Are More Than “Evidence” & To Pass The HEART ACT!


In the sickening world of dogfighting, innocent dogs spend their lives starved, neglected, abused — until they’re forced to kill or be killed in a brutal fight.

One organization’s mission to take down dog fighting rings throughout the United States is the ASPCA. They are working hard to end dogfighting through undercover investigations, law enforcement training and legislation. But unfortunately, current federal law does not account for the fact that rescued dogs used for fighting can’t simply be warehoused and treated like seized property.

Because they’re considered “evidence,” they must be held in shelters until the court case is finish, which can take months, or even years. Even with the best care, dogs in long-term holding are prone to depression and mental deterioration.

What these living, feeling victims need and deserve is a fresh new start in loving homes. We can fix this, but we need your voice. If passed, the HEART Act would facilitate faster rehabilitation and re-homing of innocent dogs who are victims, rescued in federal cases, many times from dogfighting rings.

Please add your name by signing this Care2 petition, to show Congress that voters care about this important issue and to pass the HEART Act without further delay. These innocent beings have suffered enough. SIGN HERE!

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