URGENT! Wildlife Waystation Is Evacuating Due To Approaching Fire

The Santa Clarita sand fire is rapidly approaching Wildlife Waystation in Sylmar, California.

Currently, 400 animals are in the process of being evacuated, and they need HELP!

Here is the latest UPDATE:

WE NEED AN AIR CONDITIONED WAREHOUSE to temporarily keep the animals cool in. If you can help, please send a FB message or come directly to Wildlife Waystation. The phone lines are down.

We are still evacuating animals and still NEED FLATBED TRAILERS AND ENCLOSED TRUCKS. Please come directly to Wildlife Waystation. We are getting the animals to safety as quickly as possible. There is currently a lot of smoke and the fire is still 1/2 mile away.

If you are able to physically help, please CONTACT Wildlife Waystation via Facebook HERE.

DONATIONS are also very much needed, so you may donate HERE.





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