The Vervet Forest Rescue In South Africa For Orphaned Baby Monkeys


The amazing organization Vervet Forest Rescue is working on a documentary set to be released in 2017, which follows the lives of five orphaned baby Vervet monkeys (Kate, Goon, Deebo, Felicia, Scotty) at the Vervet Monkey Foundation in South Africa.

The film’s focus is conversation, regarding the troublesome local perceptions of Vervet Monkeys and investigates the reasons for the destruction of their habitat.

The film will highlight sustainable solutions to reversing vervet habitat destruction and the global crises of wildlife loss that we are all facing.

The ultimate goal of the Vervet Forest is to raise enough funding to purchase several hundred acres of land in South Africa which will be turned into a wildlife reserve and release site for rehabilitated Vervet Monkey troops.

If you would like to help and learn more about the film and amazing Vervet Forest Foundation.

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