Historic Step In The Right Direction For Colombia! House Of Representatives Approves Bill To Stop Bullfighting In The Country


Victory in Colombia! According to Publimetro, Commission VII of the House of Representatives approved a bill that would eliminate bullfighting throughout the country, to determine it as an expression of violence and cruelty for public show.

“With this project we seek to harmonize the Colombian legal framework that recognizes that animals are sentient beings and the framework of a bullfight where there is a clear and violent animal abuse that should not be allowed,” said Luis Ernesto Gomez, deputy interior minister.

Thank you to the Ministry of Interior in Colombia for promoting this project.

The next step of the project, supported by animal advocates, is the plenary session of the House of Representatives. If passed would face Commission VII in the Senate and then soon to presidential sanction.

The deputy minister added that “Congress must democratically define whether it is a crime in Colombia for an animal to be mistreated by a person, and receive a sentence of up to three years as established by Colombian regulations.

The initiative also seeks to eliminate the expressions “rejoneo, bullfights, calves and grouses” contained in article 7 of Law 84 of 1989 and repeal the National Bullfighting Regulations.

“Upon approval of this project in Congress, territorial entities with the support of the national government will have a period of six months from the issuance of the law to present a plan of care and a proposal with new economic and cultural activities if necessary. This is so that the people who are engaged in bullfighting activity, have programs of substitution and labor integration.

Thank you to Commission VII of the House of Representatives in Colombia for hearing the world’s cries to put an end to the cruel “sport” of bullfighting!

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