Victory! The Czech Republic Votes To Ban Fur Farms By 2019

Prague Morning

In what is being referred to as a “historic move,” Czech government officials have voted to ban fur farms in the country by 2019.

According to an article in Prague Morning, the Czech Chamber of Deputies voted to pass the legislation which was proposed by the Chamber Environment Committee chair Robin Böhnisch by a vote at 132 to 9.

The ban, which will be enforced after passing through the country’s Senate, mandates that fur farmers close their farms by January 31, 2019.

Currently, as per the report, there are nine fur farms with approximately 20,000 foxes and minks being held captive in small battery cages. Horrifically, the animals on these farms are tortured and killed by cruel methods such as gassing or electrocution to sadly preserve their pelts.

“This is a victory which proves that killing animals for fashion’s sake is no longer supported among the Czech politicians,” said Böhnisch. “I am happy to see this barbarian practice end in the Czech Republic, and I hope that our legislators will set an example for their colleagues in other countries where fur farming bans are currently being discussed.”

Fortunately, according to Fur Free Alliance, because of an international coalition of 40 animal protection organizations working together to end the exploitation and killing of animals for fur, bans on fur farming are becoming increasingly widespread.

The Czech Republic marks the latest European country to ban fur farms.

Of the now 13 countries with fur bans in place, the United Kingdom was the first to take action in 2000 with Austria following in 2004. Croatia and Slovenia have also banned fur farming and are in the process of phasing out existing farms.

As noted on the Fur Free Alliance website, the Netherlands, which is the EU’s second largest mink producer, passed a ban in December 2012 and will phase-out mink production entirely by 2024.

Reportedly, similar laws are expected to be passed in Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Lithuania next year while Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and Norway are also considering enacting bans on fur farming.

More information about banning fur farming can be found Here!

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