Victory! Graphic Exposé Leads To Closure Of Horrible Greyhound Blood Bank in Texas

Photos by PETA

Following the release of a painful and powerful exposé, The Pet Blood Bank in Cherokee, Texas, will close its doors and begin the transfer this weekend of an estimated 150 greyhounds into adoption programs.

Produced by PETA, the investigation revealed the unfathomable conditions and torture the poor dogs, already used, abused, and discarded by the notorious dog racing industry, were subjected to after being discarded in the filthy blood bank.

Once imprisoned at the facility, the animals were then heartlessly exploited for blood products, most of which were allegedly distributed by Patterson Veterinary Supply.

As documented by PETA, snared frightened dogs struggled as they were dragged by workers at least 75 feet to a trailer on the property to be bled.

For up to three hours, they were kept in crates, sometimes in the full sun without water and even muzzled, before and after being bled. In the trailer, the workers took up to 20 percent of their blood volume. Some of the animals became so weak that they had to be carried back to the kennels.

Blood products are then shipped out to unsuspecting veterinary clinics that presumably have no idea that the source is an unsanitary and cruel dog blood factory farm.

Not only were the living conditions at this blood factory farm cruel and dangerous for the dogs held captive there, but they were, in turn, also possibly endangering those who received the blood.

“PETA applauds the release of these dear dogs whose lives have been a mess from start (at the track) to finish (in a pit), and now, we’ll make sure that regulations are passed to ensure that all blood for emergency transfusions is obtained humanely and not from miserable dogs,” PETA Senior Vice President Daphna Nachminovitch said in a statement.

For its part, Patterson Veterinary Supply has stated on its website that it would no longer do business with the blood bank despite the fact that “law enforcement has found no wrongdoing.”



PETA will now work hard to get regulations passed to ensure all blood for emergency transfusions come from real donors, and not from imprisoned and mistreated dogs.

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