Victory! Elephants, big cats, primates, and other wild animals will no longer be chained, caged, and beaten so that they’ll perform confusing and painful tricks in circuses anywhere in Guatemala.

The nation has done the right thing for animals by passing a law that bans circuses from using them. The days of hauling animals around and harming them in the name of entertainment are about to end in that country.

Guatemala follows Mexico, which banned the use of animals in circuses in 2015. The animal welfare legislation—which went into effect on April 11—gives circuses a year to surrender the animals to sanctuaries or wildlife rehabilitation centers, both national and international. During this time, it’s expressly forbidden for circuses to breed any wild animals.

The law includes foreign traveling shows that feature animals and bans them from bringing animals into the country. “The entry, or transit through, Guatemalan territory, of any foreign circus which uses animals is strictly prohibited.”

We must continue to campaign until no animal is chained or forced to live inside cramped transport cages and beaten to perform meaningless tricks.

By: PETA Latino 

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