A 27 Year Old Painter From The UK Jumps Into Frigid Water To Save A Drowning Baby Deer


A heroic video that has gone viral this morning of Marc Headon, a 27 year old painter from Gainsborough, UK, who saw something that caught him and his friend Jamie’s eye in a river.

“I realized it was a deer that was struggling and close to drowning so without thinking, I jumped in and pulled it to safety.” Marc told WAN. “Jamie helped me get the deer out and I carried it to the top of the bank where we wrapped it in blankets, tried to calm it, and keep it warm.”

After the incident, they drove the deer back to their home where they called the wildlife trust to notify them about the fawn. After they arrived, they informed him that they had just saved the baby deer’s life and thanked them.

It’s clear that this was a dangerous situation for both the fawn and for Marc jumping into the frigid water. We thank both Marc and Jamie for their selfless act in saving this precious baby deer’s life.

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