WAN Attends The Stop Poaching Now Charity Event; An Organization Dedicated To Saving Endangered Species From Extinction Worldwide


It was an enchanting evening at the Stop Poaching Now Rhinos, Tigers & Elephants event in West Hollywood, California.

Hosted by Nancy Corzine, the highlights of the special night included heartfelt speeches by Stop Poaching’s founder Heidi Jo Markel honoring Gena Lee Nolan, Dr. Karen Halligan, and Kaley Cuoco for their outstanding work in animal welfare.

Elan Atias of The Wailers was the special musical guest, while legendary Mixologist Matthew Biancaniello hand crafted drinks and “Vegan Taste of LA” served guests delicious plant-based hors d’oeuvers.

The eclectic silent and live auction showcased once-in-a-lifetime trips, experiences, and fine art including pieces by Picasso, Banksy, Lichtenstein, Matissa, Yoroz, and more.

Markel, the founder of Eclectic Pictures and producer of films such as Olympus Has Fallen, Love Lace, and The Late Bloomer founded Stop Poaching Now in 2014. It was then that the lifelong animal lover, personally witnessed and realized the devastation that poaching brought to Africa’s beautiful wildlife and decided that enough was enough.

Stop Poaching Now! (SPN!) quickly grew, supporting grassroots organizations, helping to finance on the ground conservation work in Africa, and raising awareness in the United States.

SPN! was one the first charities to implement drones on the ground to combat poaching, and prides itself on its global educational program, reaching from the United States to Southern Africa.

Over the course of time, the charity has continued to develop its mission and scope. SPN! is now pushing forward with large-scale international conservation projects that bring like-minded partners together to work towards even greater conservation goals.

SPN! strongly believes in a future where humans and animals can coexist in harmony, and that the ability of community welfare, education, and conservation can work together towards this goal.

The organization is dedicated to bringing communities together, raising awareness, and protecting our rapidly depleting natural world.

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