WAN Behind The Scenes Of Hallmark’s ‘American Rescue Dog Show’ As It Outperforms Top Purebred Dog Show For 2nd Year In A Row

WAN was behind the scenes to witness the cuteness overload at Hallmark Channel’s second annual “American Rescue Dog Show,” which aired in two parts on February 17th and February 18th. 

We love how this show highlights rescue dogs who each have a unique story of how they were saved from the streets or shelter and given a second chance at life. The focus of this show was on the individuality and personality of each rescue pup, including: Best In Smiling, Best In Senior Dog, Best in Short & Sweet, Best In Belly Rubs, Best In Couch Potato, Best In Talking, Best In Special Needs and Best In Underbite.

This is the second year in a row that the show outperformed America’s longest-running Dog Show, which solely highlights purebreds.

The engagement of passionate dog enthusiasts on social media was incredible, as the program was one of the highest trending shows during the two-night special event.

“We are incredibly proud of ‘American Rescue Dog Show’ and the platform it has created to spotlight shelter dogs, and the enrichment, humor, and love they have to offer,” said Bill Abbott, President & CEO, Crown Media Family Networks. “This program, along with Hallmark Channel’s other annual pet specials, including ‘Kitten Bowl,’ ‘Cat Bowl,’ and ‘Hero Dog Awards,’ are like nothing else on television – they have the power to make a measurable difference in our country’s epidemic of pet homelessness, while providing inspirational, heartwarming, and transformative entertainment.”

Hosted by Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell, with celebrity judges Lisa Vanderpump, Debbie Gibson, Bill Berloni, Mike Rowe, and Brandon McMillan, and co-hosts Ross Mathews and Larissa Wohl, “American Rescue Dog Show” featured the nation’s most unique rescue dogs who each have their own amazing story of how they were saved and given a second chance at life.

In collaboration with Adopt-a-Pet.com, the light-hearted competition attracted a field of thousands of dogs, who were eventually narrowed down to 10, one winner in each category. At the end of night two, Howard the Dog – the Short and Sweet category winner – earned the top dog title of Best in Rescue, winning a grant for the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society, the rescue organization from which he was adopted.

The 2019 “American Rescue Dog Show” is an annual programming component of Adoption Ever After, the network’s pet adoption advocacy initiative which aims to dismantle misconceptions about shelter animals and ultimately create a world where every pet has a home. In addition to annual specials, “American Rescue Dog Show,” “Kitten Bowl,” “Cat Bowl,” and “Hero Dog Awards,” Hallmark Channel’s Emmy-nominated daytime lifestyle program, “Home & Family” features daily pet adoption segments.

Through Hallmark Channel’s work with a variety of national and pet rescue organizations, the initiative has been responsible for finding homes for over 20,000 animals to-date.

Thank you to Hallmark Channel and their many partners for making this show possible. We hope that this encourages the rest of the country to Adopt Not Shop, and save a life at your local shelter when looking for a special companion.

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