WAN Breaking News; Estée Lauder Pays Huge Lobby Firm To Fight Against Passing “The Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act”

Estée Lauder has just paid a huge lobby firm to fight against passing “The Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act.”

Why Does Estée Lauder Want To Continue Cruel & Unnecessary Testing On Animals?

Your Calls Are Urgently Needed Today To The CA Capitol To Urge Assemblymembers To VOTE YES in Support of (SB 1249) The CA Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act and tell them NOT to be Persuaded by the opposition’s spin.


📞 Mark Stone, Chair at 916-319-2029 

📞 Jordan Cunningham, Vice Chair at 916-319-2035 

📞 Ed Chau at 916-319-2049

📞David Chiu at 916-319-2017 

📞Chris Holden at 916-319-2041 

📞 Ash Kalra at 916-319-2027 

📞 Kevin Kiley at 916-319-2006 

📞 Brian Maienschein at 916-319-2077 

📞 Eloise Gomez Reyes at 916-319-2047 

Help CA #GoCrueltyFree 🚫🐇🐕🐁 #BoycottEsteeLauder 

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