WAN Exclusive! Gods In Shackles Producer & Director Sangita Iyer; Watch The Powerful Doc For Free!


The multiple-award-winning documentary Gods in Shackles was released globally online this week.

Gods in Shackles was produced & directed by the brilliant Sangita Iyer to expose the dark truth behind the so-called glamorous cultural festivals in which endangered Asian elephants are exploited for profit behind the veil of culture and religion.

By exposing the atrocities, we are hoping to create a global movement to abolish elephant slavery. These supremely intelligent and sensitive animals deserve to be socializing and roaming freely and mate to ensure the survival of their species. But instead, the little babies, as little as three weeks old, are being ripped apart from their families, tortured to submission and exploited.

Producer & Director of the film Sangita Iyer told WAN: “Gods in Shackles is a labor of pure love, and my only intention is to shed light on the dark and deceptive cultural practices that condone elephant cruelty. These majestic animals deserve to be among their herds, roaming freely, mating and eating as much as they want. They do not deserve to be placed in solitary confinement, especially in the name of God. Freedom is the birthright of ALL creatures, and elephants are noblest and gentlest of all. Sadly, these gentle giants seem to have forgotten their intrinsic strength after being tortured to submission. My hope is that Gods in Shackles will not only create awareness, but empower people in India and around the world to boycott ALL events that involve elephants.”

Sadly the sub-adults and adults are being deprived of their primal instincts to mate, and this is causing a serious threat to the survival of their species.

WE CAN COLLECTIVELY end this madness!! But the first step is to educate yourself, then educate others and then become empowered to take bolder actions.

Watch this powerful documentary Gods In Shackles and become empowered to take the next bold step to help endangered Asian elephants. Collectively we can end elephant slavery. You can now watch this epic documentary for FREE by clicking on this link and entering your name and email address: www.vfaes.org/godsinshackles

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