WAN Exclusive With Spring Farm Sanctuary: Help Needed To Stop Discrimination Of Farm Animals By Local Veterinarians In Minnesota

Photos from Spring Farm Sanctuary

Tragically, there is never a shortage of heartbreak in the world of animal rescue.

Every day there seems to be an unfathomable number of new stories plagued by ethically-and-morally-challenged elements of inhumanity, greed, corruption, inequality, and ignorance. More often than not, at the expense of both the compassionate people and organizations that are trying to save lives, as well as the innocent animals themselves.

Sadly, yesterday was no different. When WAN learned about the plight of Robin Johnson and Spring Farm Sanctuary in Long Lake, Minnesota, we were saddened, appalled, and determined to help.

First reported by the area’s local City Pages, the incident began earlier this month when one of the sanctuary’s beloved Hereford steer, named Pete, was hurt after slipping on ice. This caused serious concern as Pete, who was clearly in pain, had a brother that died as a result of a fall one year ago.

Spring Farm Sanctuary immediately called two different vets that they had worked with before for help. Horrifically, both Lester Prairie Vet Clinic and Buffalo Equine refused to care for the injured animal, which unfathomably is legal in Minnesota.

The reason why is unconscionable.

According to Johnson, who talked with WAN yesterday, Lester Prairie responded that the veterinary clinic only treats “animals that feed people.” Not rescued farm animals. Really?

Ironically, one of the first messages on its website states that “all animals deserve compassionate veterinary care.” It is also noted on the website that, as per the American Veterinary Medical Association’s ethical oath, vets have sworn to “use their scientific knowledge and skills” for “the prevention and relief of animal suffering.”

WAN called the clinic for a statement but was told they have “no comment.”

Equally disturbing, Buffalo Equine and Large Animal Clinic, reportedly told Johnson that “If Pete wasn’t being raised to be slaughtered, they weren’t going to save his life.”

Johnson was also informed that Lester Prairie has an issue with various signs posted at the sanctuary which shared some of the upsetting conditions that animals face within the big agricultural industry, such as “that cows are separated from their calves on the day they’re born.”

What? There is so much wrong with this atrocity.

Where is the compassion? It obviously isn’t at either of these veterinarian practices.

Spring Farm Sanctuary is currently home to 21 rescued animals including four steer, five pigs, five goats, two sheep, two chickens, two ducks, and a turkey.

“Our hope is to find a compassionate veterinarian that values all animals equally,” notes a post on the Spring Farm Sanctuary Facebook page. “We need someone who will step up and treat our innocent animals when they need medical attention.”

Meet Libby. Spring Farm Sanctuary’s determination to ensure this precious pig received medical care when she was near death, allegedly contributed to the vet’s repulsive position. They did not agree with the lengths that Johnson took to save this innocent animal’s life.

In the meantime, Johnson, who shared with WAN that this experience has been emotionally draining, is trying to find a new home for her steer at a sanctuary that has veterinary care.

“I have no choice. We can’t have them here now without a vet to care for them if needed,” said a distraught Johnson. “I will not let them suffer, even if it’s for a matter of minutes.”

WAN prays that a compassionate veterinarian agrees to care for the beloved animals at Spring Farm Sanctuary.

Meanwhile, people can share their opinions by contacting Lester Prairie Vet Clinic at (320) 395-2421.

Buffalo Equine can be reached at (763) 682-2225 or by emailing info@buffaloequine.com.

Donations to help Spring Farm Sanctuary protect its animals, some of which may have to be rehomed due to this appalling case of discrimination, Please Donate HERE!

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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