WAN Exclusive With Mikayla; The Young Girl Fighting To Keep Her Rescued Foxes From The Fur Trade

Animal activism and rescue are tasks which require extreme amounts of devotion, patience and often, tenacious fight.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to care for the voiceless beings in desperation of human love and protection because of the opposing irreverence, torture and violence by none other than, you guessed it; humans.

To keep these innocent animals from an imminent danger like the fur trade, which, anyone who isn’t aware of what the fur trade is by now, please take a minute to view one of the hundreds of videos on YouTube clearly exposing the brutality they endure. This is sadly all just so people in the twenty-first century can don floor length and collar trimmed fox, rabbit, sable and mink fur coats. I offer a disclaimer: Have a plastic receptacle with you so when your stomach twists in horror you won’t ruin your new iMac.

For those reading this who choose not to take the time or haven’t seen what happens to them, I will cut to the chase — along with other atrocities committed, they are skinned alive.

The fur business is shockingly still so huge, and, it is hard to believe any decent person after knowing this would still support the $40 billion dollar industry. Is vanity really that important in our modern society? Apparently so, as we still see public figures in Hollywood and other elite circles flashing this fashioned brutality as coveted beauty of the highest kind. Well, it isn’t beautiful. It is completely revolting, shameful and heartbreaking to those who understand and care about the truth.

Let’s remind ourselves; we aren’t living in 13th century Siberia hunting for our food in 30 below zero weather. With the new materials made, there is a plethora of appealing options to keep ourselves fashionable and warm. The fur trade simply shouldn’t continue to exist.

I recently met someone very special who is in the midst of a very personal and growing public battle. Mikayla Raines of Lakeville, Minnesota has literally dedicated her life, time and property to foxes she rescues from fur farms, who would otherwise be destroyed in agony and distress.

She has a USDA license which allows her to care for foxes on her property, hosting adoptions as well.

Recently, however, she has encountered resistance from the city claiming she can no longer have them due to an ordinance technicality which is seemingly unnecessary.

Her growing following on Instagram and Facebook (which is solely devoted to her foxes) is aware of the public hearing at Lakeville City Hall in front of the planning commission Thursday, May 4th.

She has been featured on the local news three times and the outspoken public opinion is nearly unanimous in her favor. She is not only helping wildlife, her rescued foxes pose no threat to anyone and are her family, the same way our pets are at home. Tending to their needs medically, as well as bottle feeding the baby foxes, she truly bonds with these animals and this issue is much more to her, and, ultimately each of us than one might initially think.

Speaking with her, I was immediately struck by her strength to battle this as far as she must, to keep her sanctuary and fox family alive, yet it was abundantly clear she is concerned that a few officials who have no connection whatsoever to what is most important to her could be instrumental in pulling the proverbial plug on her livelihood by revoking her permit.

Rallying support from her family, friends and community, she is hopeful this is just a stumbling block on her journey to growing her non-profit organization, saveafox.org.

“It is really difficult emotionally to think I may not be able to continue rescuing and caring for them, but I refuse to give up.” … “My USDA license allows me to use my animals for education, as I have brought them into schools teaching students about where they come from on fur farms, and how having them benefits our community” Mikayla states, and, “On a state level, what I am doing is legal as well as on a federal level. This is strictly a city issue, even though I am in an agricultural zone. My property of several acres currently has five adult foxes outside and nine babies I’m caring for which are all inside my home, and soon to go to their new homes.”

“My animals also serve as therapy pets, as I am able to bring them to church gatherings, and children with disabilities love them, it is such a wonderful experience for them..These animals are my passion and my life and I do everything for them. I will not stop fighting for them.”

After speaking with her, I was reminded how it is people like Mikayla, through her selflessness, who make the world a better place for us all.

Mikayla still needs your help…She needs as many people as possible in or outside the Lakeville, Minnesota area, to attend her hearing on May 4th, and to contact the city voicing your thoughts about the importance of her rescue.

E-mail The City Council HERE: Councilinfo@Lakevillemn.gov & Call 📞 952-985-4410

For more information on Mikayla’s story, and to help, please visit her Instagram page here:


 By: Kristin Rizzo

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