WAN Exclusive: Senior Dog Rescue “MuttVille” Needs Help After Saving 28 Dogs From Being Euthanized After Their Human-Mom Passed Away


Thirty-three sweet senior dogs that had been rescued from euthanasia, sadly found themselves in need of being rescued again this week after the sudden passing of their owner, Marline Mortenson.

Fortunately, 28 of the dogs are now in the care of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco which specializes in finding forever homes for older and special-needs dogs.

WAN talked exclusively with Muttville’s founder and CEO, Sherri Franklin, about the 28 dogs and how animals in good health with wonderful personalities are often euthanized because they are older and not considered adoptable.

“It is obvious that all of the dogs were really loved and cared for,” Franklin told WAN. “They are all shapes and sizes and we are determined to make sure that the rescues have nothing but the best from here on out.”

The 70-year-old animal-lover who Franklin described as “spry” was discovered in her Solano County home after one of the dogs grabbed the pant leg of a concerned friend that went to check on her, the dog walked her over to where Mortenson was lying.

Many of the dogs, which range between six and ten years old, are now safe and secure in foster homes.

“The foster community really stepped up,” said a grateful Franklin, who explained that Muttville had sent an email to one hundred plus foster families when they learned about the unfortunate situation.

The balance of the dogs, all of whom have been checked from “head to toe” by local veterinarians, are staying at Franklin’s “homelike” cage-free rescue facility that she founded 11 years ago in her garage.

The other five of the 33 dogs were adopted by friends and family of Mortenson.

“Muttville Senior Dog Rescue took all 28 of the senior dogs to ensure that they have a second chance at a great life,” the organization posted on its Facebook page. “This will put our San Francisco shelter way over capacity so we are asking for your help through DONATIONS and ADOPTIONS ASAP!”

Franklin assured WAN that the dogs are in no risk of being euthanized.

This weekend Muttville, which now has 80 rescues, is holding an adopt-a-thon during which it is waving its $200.00 adoption fee.

People can view some of Muttville’s adorable adoptable dogs HERE!

Donations to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue can be made HERE!

R.I.P. Marline! The dogs you devoted your life to are in good hands while waiting to meet their new forever families.

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