WAN Exclusive Update After 70 More Animals Rescued From Sorrento Farm Of Repeat Animal Cruelty Offender


WAN was horrified early last month when 44 severely neglected animals were rescued from a farm owned by a repeat animal cruelty offender in Sorrento, Maine.

We were among the many questioning how and why Marc Calcia, a known offender, was even allowed to have animals again.

As disconcerting as that was, news that state animal welfare agents seized an estimated 70 more animals from his property on December 28th is downright unconscionable.

According to ellsworthamerican.com, the latest rescue of animals that had been left on the farm included one alpaca, two calves, four piglets, three goats, 10 rabbits and chickens.

Investigators from the Maine Animal Welfare Program reportedly first became concerned about these other animals during the initial rescue on December 5th and when they returned at the end of the month, they found that the conditions had not improved.

As previously reported by WAN, 14 sheep, 22 pigs, and eight rats were among the first round of animals that were found living in deplorable conditions and suffering from a variety of health problems including malnutrition.

Unfathomably, Calcia had even obtained more pigs to replace the ones that were seized on December 5th.

Why on earth would other animals be allowed to remain in the cruel hands of Calcia after investigators had been working with him for the majority of last year to resolve the problems on his property?

Even more pressing, were any more animals currently remaining on Calcia’s so-called-farm?

To find out, this morning WAN spoke to John Bott, the Director of Communications for the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry under which the state’s animal welfare program falls.

“As of last Thursday, all the animals had been removed from the property,” Bott told WAN, leaving no animals left to suffer there anymore.

While Bott was limited in what he could tell WAN because “a legal process is ongoing,” he assured us that “Humane agents from the Maine Animal Welfare Program will continue to monitor the property” to ensure that no more animals are found there.

Officials previously took Calcia to court in 2011 for animal cruelty and other charges including an unpermitted “blue tarp structure” that was used to shelter pigs.

May this be the last time WAN reports on Calcia having the opportunity to inflict cruelty on innocent animals. May he, or any other repeat animal cruelty offender, never be allowed to own an animal again.

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