WAN Exclusive With Founders Of Freedom Farm Animal Rescue About Saving Two 3-Month-Old Lambs From Becoming Christmas Dinner In New Jersey

Photos from Freedom Farm Animal Rescue, Facebook page.

What began as a heartwarming story about two young lambs saved from slaughter, quickly turned bittersweet when WAN delved deeper into the story, talking exclusively with the New Jersey nonprofit organization that rescued the young lambs from becoming Christmas dinner.

Jamie Castano, founder of the nearly five-year-old non-profit, Freedom Farm Animal Rescue, shared the unfathomable details behind the rescue of the three-month-old male lambs that were being used in a live nativity scene.

“It is hard for me to understand how people raise animals to kill them. How do they connect with some animals and not others,” Castano told WAN, explaining that he received a call from a member of a family that operates a local farm that raises, buys, and sells animals. “They said they hand-fed the lambs and they were ‘special.’ “It’s sad, all the animals are deserving of the same life.”

Unfortunately, it seems that the farm owners did not seem to think that the lambs lives were ‘special’ enough to be saved at no cost.

The farm owners explained to Castano and his fiancé, Tara Saey, that they planned to sell the yet-to-be-named lambs to a livestock company, following their stint at the nativity scene, but that they would allow Freedom Farm Animal Rescue to save them for $250.00; half of what they stated they would earn if they sold them for slaughter.

These beautiful innocent lives valued at a mere $500.00. Their lives are priceless.

Castano explained to WAN that horrifically, some of the sheep at Freedom Farm Animal Rescue were only days old when pulled off of a truck headed to a slaughterhouse.

To the people and organizations that do not accept the concept of paying for rescues, Castano agrees it is terrible, but when faced with the alternative, they felt compelled to save the lambs.

“Some people are of the opinion that there are no rescues overflowing with sheep or goats,” Castano told WAN. “But, there are places where they are; they are called slaughterhouses.”

Castano is currently in contact with the farmers to try to save the lambs mother as well. Sadly, at this point, they don’t want to release her because “she is such a good breeder, having twins and triplets each time.” So heartbreaking.

“We are still in need of donations towards their care. Most people only donate to help get the animals rescued, but sometimes forget that we need your help for the animals entire life at our sanctuary,” noted a post earlier this week on the Freedom Farm Animal Rescue Facebook page. “A huge help is signing up to be a monthly donor through our Patreon! Even if you can sign up for just $1.00 a month, it makes a huge difference! That’s $12.00 a year towards the care of all of the animals here!”

Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated!

Freedom Farm Animal Rescue recently secured 43 acres of land in Cedarville, New Jersey, to serve as a permanent refuge for more than 200 animals rescued from unfathomable abuse and neglect, including many that were pulled from slaughterhouses and livestock auctions.

Peace 4 Animals, WAN’s charity, helped facilitate the milestone move at the beginning of this year, and will have a barn named in its honor.

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