WAN Rescue Of The Week: Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary In Temecula, CA; Promoting A Cruelty-Free Lifestyle!


Be prepared to smile, laugh, cry, and never eat meat again!

You can’t buy love at the Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary in Temecula, California, but there is plenty of it to go around for all the rescued animals that are fortunate enough to call it home! And, it looks like the feelings are mutual!

Promoting a cruelty-free lifestyle, this unique non-profit offers rescue and refuge to animals that have been discarded by the dairy and food industries. It also serves as a hospice to senior horses and those with special medical needs.

“Animals are living, breathing, beautiful beings who are someone, not ‘something’,” according to Jen and Dave Sale who founded and operate the special sanctuary for animals in need. “We believe bringing awareness to the plight of factory farmed animals will help create a more compassionate and kinder world for all beings.”

Pigs, goats, cows, and hens including Miranda Lambert, Dolly Parton, and Minnie Pearl, are among the oftentimes musically inspired cleverly-named residents of the Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary.

On the ranch, its website, its Facebook page, and other social media accounts, Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary balances the innocence and pure beauty of the animals with the ugliness of the stories behind them.

The following is a sampling of some of the sanctuary’s adorable animals. In addition to accepting donations for the overall care and maintenance of the animals at the ranch, people can make a donation for any animal of their choice.

Now for some ridiculously cute photos of the happy, loved, safe, and valued animals at the Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary; tempered only by the sadness of their lives before rescue.

Baby G (Garfunkel)

“Seen as a by-product by the dairy industry, Baby G was dumped at a slaughter auction just hours after his birth. Thankfully we were notified of his plight and were able to bring him home to the ranch where is treasured and loved.

Etta James

“Etta was rescued from a micro pig breeding facility where there was no shelter or care. When winter came all but six of the piggies on the property froze to death. Etta was found starved covered in mange and pregnant. She is decompressing and slowly learning to trust people.” 

June Carter Cash

“June and her sister are meat lamb and born for the sole purpose of being sold for slaughter. After a recent holiday season, both were no longer of value to their previous owner and were dumped at the sale auction. Thankfully, we were there and able to rescue her and her sister.

Faith Hill

omg…the heart on her forehead 🙂

“Baby Faith was born into an industry where it is a common procedure to rip babies from their mamas within a few hours of their birth. An industry where babies are viewed as a byproduct, not a life.  We found Faith at a local sale/slaughter auction, when she was less than an hour old and already ripped away from her mama and dumped to die. She was exposed to numerous diseases and bacteria in the pens. Without an immune system or the protection of her mother’s milk, baby Faith is a miracle. After several weeks of fighting for her life, she beat the odds that were so cruelly stacked against her.”

WAN is wowed by these wonderful, compassionate, and loving people and animals! Please consider contributing to this fabulous sanctuary that helps spread love, enlightenment, and education, while also encouraging others to adopt a cruelty-free lifestyle!

The many ways you can donate to the Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary are available HERE!

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