WAN Talks With Hero Who Is Trying To Save The Lives Of 9 Lambs At Antioch College From Slaughter; Urgent Help Needed!

It was back to school for the students and faculty at Antioch College, a private liberal arts college in Yellow Springs, Ohio. 

Sadly, this means that the lives of nine innocent lambs who reside on the campus are still in peril, despite the commendable and tireless efforts of Dr. David Nibert, a professor and local animal advocate who is trying to save the lambs before they are slaughtered for their meat.

WAN talked with Nibert, whose concerns and attempts to work with the college have repeatedly been dismissed by the institution’s administration.

According to Nibert, who has also authored numerous pieces on animal oppression, Antioch is a small college that closed temporarily. Upon re-opening, the school reportedly banked its resurrection on its move to return to “old-time farming.”

Nibert first discovered the lambs on a field covered with solar panels in May while taking a walk around the campus. While hesitant at first, the lambs quickly recognized Nibert as someone who recognizes them as sentient beings, not as products for human consumption.

The compassionate author and professor could only imagine the horror that the lambs must have experienced to end up there. From being babies torn away from their mothers, to becoming objects of exploitation, only to be tragically slaughtered and served on the dinner plates of Antioch students.

Ironically, the President of the college, Tom Manley, lives across the street from Nibert. Yet, Manley only sent one letter in response to Nibert’s request to discuss the animals which he concluded with, “at this point, I have made the College’s position clear and will have nothing further to offer in response.”

WAN also contacted Manley’s office; the message was forwarded to Christine Reedy, a communications specialist for the college who confirmed that the lambs would be “sent to a local abattoir and then would be used in the college kitchen.” In response to the question of a timeline, Reedy responded that it was not in her wheelhouse.

The lack of cooperation from the college is one of many dilemmas Nibert is confronted with on a daily basis.

Nibert has also been kicked off the campus for trying to distribute flyers and talk to students about the lambs, he was also ejected from the alumni association for wanting to discuss the issue. The institution went so far as to send Nibert a cease and desist order to stop informing alumni about what was happening with the lambs.

Unfathomably, Nibert has even been bullied online and in-person by community members that are trying to tarnish his reputation by shaming him for his “lack of priorities” among other false statements.

Nibert was able to form the Committee to Save the Antioch Lambs but told WAN that he is keeping the members identities quiet because he does not want them to experience similar harassment. Nibert also believes that the few supporters he had at the beginning, retreated for the same reason.

That is deplorable on so many levels in this day and age.

One member who is publicly advocating to help save the animals, Dr. Kimberley Ducey, an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Arts, at the University of Winnipeg, told WAN that she made an offer on August 22nd to “buy” the nine lambs but was simply told “the sheep are not for sale.”

According to a petition created by Nibert, Farm Sanctuary, has also offered to assist in the placement of the lambs.

“We have made appeals to the college citing the moral right on the lambs not to be harmed, and also point out the numerous environmental problems related to raising animals as food in the face of the growing climate emergency,” Nibert notes on the petition. “Over 100 professors from around the world signed a statement requesting that the lambs be released to a sanctuary. Thus far, Antioch College has dismissed all requests to free the lambs, who are slated for transport to the slaughterhouse.”

It is disheartening that Nibert is receiving so little support from the local community, yet he refuses to give up.

“I would do it 100 times over if we could save the lambs,” said Nibert.

Please sign this petition to free the lambs HERE!

Even More Importantly, Please Contact Antioch President Tom Manley And Urge Him To Release The Lambs To Sanctuary at (937) 319-6164 or by email: president@antiochcollege.edu 

You can help all animals by choosing compassion on your plate. #GoVeg

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