WAN Talks With Founder Of ‘Dane4Dogs’ About Preventing A New Beagle Breeding Facility In Wisconsin That Sells Dogs For Animal Testing


A local permitting issue in the Village of Spring Green, Wisconsin, is gaining national outrage as animal advocates learn that a building in question will be used as a “dog breeding facility.”

Clint Kane and Jill Janssen Kane, the people requesting the permit, reportedly plan to use the facility to breed beagles and then sell them to institutions that conduct medical research and testing on animals.

This is unconscionable!

The boards of the Village Of Spring Green Planning Commission and Joint Extraterritorial Zoning Committee, which are responsible for determining permitting use, claim that they were not aware of the intent of this business. They believed it was an application to house a dog daycare and boarding facility.

The revelation caused board members who needed more time to research regulations and legalities to postpone the decision until a meeting convenes on July 17th.

If the permit is approved by the Village of Spring Green Planning Commission and Joint Extraterritorial Zoning Committee next month, it will be voted on by the Sauk County Land Resources and Environment Board. The next meeting is set for July 23rd.

Unfathomably, the new business would be located near the largest beagle animal testing facility that is only a few miles outside of Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin. There, thousands of dogs are already being kept in stacked cages in windowless sheds, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How is this legal? Facilities like this should not be allowed anywhere. 

WAN talked with Rebekah Klemm, the founder of the nonprofit Dane4Dogs about the Valley of Spring Green situation and how people can help stop this travesty from being approved.

First, Klemm stressed that only residents of the Village of Spring Green should attend the July 17th town meeting to voice their concerns and urge board members to not approve the permit for the facility.

There are many others ways that people can help.

“The best way is to learn from what is happening here in the Village of Spring Green because this is legal everywhere in cities, towns, villages, and communities throughout the United States,” Klemm told WAN. “People should contact their local representatives and urge them to change and adopt stricter procedures as to how permits such as this are both applied for and reviewed so that there is no more misleading information allowed.”

Klemm also suggests that people contact local media and join a group of volunteers that will be going door to door in Spring Green, informing neighbors of what is happening and gathering signatures for a petition in support of an ordinance banning research dog facilities.

Based in Dane County, Wisconsin, the organization aims to end the breeding, sale, and use of dogs and cats for painful and distressing experimentation while supporting modern scientific alternatives to animal experimentation.

Dane4Dogs urgently needs support so that they can create yard signs against allowing the so-called dog breeding “business” in their community. Donations to Dane4Dogs can be made HERE!

People strongly against the establishment of research “puppy mills” in the Spring Green area are also encouraged to sign a petition against the approval of the permit HERE!

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