WAN Talks With Organizer Of Protest Taking Place This Weekend In Savannah, Georgia, Urging The End Of Horse-Drawn Carriages

Photo by WJCL

An important protest advocating to put an end to horse-drawn carriages in Savanah, Georgia, is scheduled to take place this Saturday, February 23rd, from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm. at the corner of Congress and Barnard Street at Ellis Square.

Organized by Savannah Animal Advocacy Group and Speaking Loudly And Often For Animals, the peaceful protest comes after news earlier this month that yet another carriage-horse fell down in exhaustion, endangering both his life and those of the seven people pinned underneath the carriage; four of whom were hospitalized.

Freddie, the horse, fortunately survived the terrible fall.

Both animal welfare groups are working together to encourage city officials to change local regulations in Savanah, Georgia.

WAN talked with animal liberationist and vegan activist Ruth Arnone of the grass roots organization Savannah Animal Advocacy Group about what she calls “a serious ‘incident.’

“My perspective is that it’s a form of speciesism,” explained Arnone, referring to the false concept that the superiority of humans allows for the exploitation of animals.“They are not ‘less than’ us, and a ban on horse-drawn carriages is the only way to stop it.”

Carol Hammett Williamson, of Speaking Loudly And Often For Animals (SLOA) echoed the sentiment.

“Horse-Drawn Carriages put everyone at risk on busy city streets,” Williamson said in a statement. “If traffic is proven as a means that horses may become spooked, then it seems this industry is questionable.”

Photo from WSAV

A message posted by Arnone on the Savannah Animal Advocacy Group’s Facebook page further reflects the advocates concern about the well-being of the horses they are trying to protect.

“Please keep in mind that safety is a priority while peacefully protesting. We need to stay on the sidewalks and not block pedestrian or vehicle traffic, or entrances to businesses. If a horse-drawn carriage passes, do not yell, just stand and hold your sign. It is imperative that our protest remain safe and peaceful.

While this weekend’s protest is aimed at stopping horse drawn carriages in downtown Savannah, Arnone makes a point of reminding people that, “We need all cities to take action and advocate for putting an end to horse-drawn carriages.”

If you would like to show your support for this important protest this weekend, you can find more information HERE!

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