WAN Update! Important Information Regarding The Aftermath Of The Volcanic Eruption For People, Pets & Exotic Animals On The Big Island Of Hawaii

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Sadly, as the local residents on the Big Island of Hawaii continue to be affected by the Kilauea volcanic eruption that happened weeks ago, the volcano has not let up and is continuing to spew volcanic ash and lava near the site of the initial disaster. People, pets, and wildlife are still in need of help.

While some people either evacuated with their pets in tow or were briefly allowed to stop by their homes to rescue pets that were left behind, tragically, many remain in peril.

According to KHON News, a Hawaii County worker who is also an animal lover, is currently working with the Humane Society staff to conduct searches for animals left behind.

People whose pets have been lost are also encouraged to report their missing animals to the Hawaii Island Humane Society.

Contact the Hawaii Island Humane Society at 808-329-8002.

People with pets can find temporary shelter at either the Pāhoa Community Center located at 15-3022 Kauhale Street or the Kea‘au Community Center at 16-186 Pili Mua Street.

A most recent accounting indicates that more than 250 people, 81 dogs, and 28 cats have checked into the Red Cross shelter set up for evacuees at Pahoa.

At least a dozen horses were also evacuated and relocated to the Panaewa Zoo, which has an equestrian center.

“The ongoing volcanic eruption and lava threat to the Puna community including Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens continues to stress the community and its resources, Hawaii Island Humane Society noted this week on its Facebook page. “Hawaii Island Humane Society continues to assess and provide assistance to residents of Puna and their pets and animals. Additional volunteers are needed at the Hawaii Island Humane Society’s Keaau Shelter.”

If you are available, the Hawaii Island Humane Society requests that you call the Keaau shelter at 808-966-5458.

Yesterday, the organization noted on Facebook that 15 sheep and goats were rescued from Pohohiki Road and taken to a foster in Paukaa, they’re requesting for people to contact them if they’re able to temporarily house animals and pets affected by the Puna volcano emergency. Hawaii Island Humane Society at 808-329-8002.

The Hawaii Island Humane Society has also issued the following guidelines to help keep animals safe in the event of an evacuation:

  • All pet owners should be safe and prepared. If you are advised to evacuate, please consider your pet’s safety. Do not leave animals behind.

  • Develop your plan now for their ongoing care including transportation requirements. Reach out to family and friends to discuss arrangements in the event of an evacuation.

  • If you need to organize boarding elsewhere, get in touch with a boarding facility for advance arrangements.

  • The HIHS Keaau Shelter does not board animals. Do not drop off animals here.

  • Pahoa Community Center and Keaau Senior Center are pet-friendly shelters. The dogs and cats are being housed at the shelters with their owners. Note that 61 dogs and 35 cats have been dropped off since the evacuation notice was issued.

  • Larger animals including horses and livestock may need to be moved well in advance. Call friends or family members to locate alternate pastures.

    Gather items for your pet’s emergency kit which should include the following items: Crate, Leash, Food, Water, Bowls, Towel, Identification, and Medication if applicable.

    Donations can be made to the Hawaii Island Humane Society,  HERE!

    Three Ring Ranch, Hawaii’s only fully-accredited, USDA licensed, exotic animal sanctuary, updated its Facebook page on May 4th while assuring their followers the volcanic eruption is on the other side of the island so the flow is in no way endangering the facility.

    “We are offering our services to owners of exotic animals that may need to be sheltered via the disaster management group and the Humane Society. Only for exotics. We are in touch with the USDA who are offering help should we need it,” the organization explained in the post. “For those on the island, please consider being prepared to help if needed. Email or message if we can count on your aide. For those on the mainland, this would be a great time to go online and make a donation. We are ordering feed in advance via USPS as shipping may be disrupted and this is insanely costly.”

    Contact Three Ring Ranch at 808-331-8778 or e-mail Animals@ThreeRingRanch,org

    The postal address is as follows: Ann and Norm Goody at Three Ring Ranch, Inc., 75-809 Keaolani Dr., KAILUA KONA, HI 96740-8815.

    As of now, the sanctuary has not been called to help any animals but if anyone hears of any exotics in need of help, they are ready to lend a hand noting that their “quarantine room is ready and waiting and we can capture, and sedate if needed.”

    Donations to Three Ring Ranch can also be made HERE!

    People can also call The Salvation Army at 808-756-0306 for information concerning in-kind or monetary donations, or prepared meals. 

    WAN will continue to update this story.

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