WAN’s Exclusive With Detroit Police Officer About Sickening Case Of Dog Found With Metal Hook Embedded In His Neck

An unfathomable case of severe animal abuse and cruelty occurred last week in Detroit and WAN has been working to obtain all the details and help needed.

WAN’s quest for answers began after learning that a three-year-old German Shepherd-Rottweiler mix was found by Detroit Animal Care and Control with a carabiner, a hook used by mountain climbers, pierced underneath his chin toward the lower part of his neck. Attached to the hook, which was reportedly embedded in the poor dog’s neck for weeks, was a 15-pound tow chain.

Fortunately, the sweet dog, now named Courage, is currently in the care of Detroit Dog Rescue (DDR) and reportedly doing well after his initial three-hour surgery to remove the hook. Sadly though, he still has more operations and a long road of recovery ahead of him.

Who was responsible for inflicting such unfathomable pain and suffering on an innocent and defenseless dog? 

After learning that DDR told local media that it “will work with animal control to find out who left Courage to fend for himself and possibly pursue charges,” WAN contacted both parties.


There is no question that the cruel and heartless perpetrator or perpetrators must be found and charged with multiple offenses!

Knowing this, WAN then called the Detroit Police Department inquiring about the case and who was handling the investigation.

Police Officer Holly Lowe, who was originally unaware of the situation, answered the call and joined our efforts to find the elusive answers.

Over the course of several days and numerous phone calls, Lowe shared that, tragically, we may never know who was responsible for abusing Courage this way.

“Sadly, we encounter this type of situation often here, where dogs are found unattended and chained, sometimes left at abandoned properties. In these cases, there may be no one to hold accountable,” Officer Lowe told WAN explaining how she once fed a dog living outside a vacant house for weeks before gaining the animal’s trust. It was only after the terrified dog had puppies, that the kind-hearted officer was able to get close enough to ensure their safety and help rescue them. “Dogs are like children. They need to be taken care of and loved. It’s sad that some people abuse and abandon them.”

DDR was initially seeking donations to cover Courage’s $6,000.00 medical treatments, but the Bissell Pet Foundation generously offered to cover the initial costs.

Ways to help:

Contributions to assist with Courage’s care can be made to Detroit Dog Rescue by donating HERE!

Detroit Dog Rescue is also currently looking for a medical care foster “where he can have a soft bed, some treats, and some extra attention.” People interested in fostering Courage can fill out an application HERE!

If you would like more information or updates, please contact Detroit Animal Control at (313) 224-6356.

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