WAN’s Exclusive News “Flash” About An Adorable Rescued Pot-Bellied Pig In Maryland That Is Available For Adoption Tomorrow!

Every once in a while, WAN comes across a sweet story that must be shared with the world!

Take one look at the photo of the smiling officers with the pig they rescued and you will understand why!

As per Corporal Dan Petz, the Public Information Officer for the Havre de Grace Police Department in Maryland, last Sunday evening started out as most others. But, a call from a concerned citizen reporting a small pot-bellied pig running around the neighborhood turned it into an extra-special night to remember for everyone.

Upon arriving at the scene, numerous police officers were eventually able to catch the little guy and, fortunately for us, they decided to document the moment with one of the best photos ever!

Now named “Flash,” possibly for his propensity to run around, the pig was safely delivered to the Humane Society of Harford County in Fallston, where he is staying temporarily.

This morning, WAN called the local humane society for an update on Flash.

“We have Flash on a stray hold for 96 hours to allow time for the animal’s owner to claim him,” Marketing Director Erin Long explained to WAN confirming that Flash that he has not yet been reclaimed. “He will become available for adoption tomorrow morning.”

In the meantime, Long described Flash as “very scared and hand-shy” and explained that some of the more “farm-animal savvy” staff are working with him so that he learns to trust them. His shyness, according to Long, is an indication that he has been well cared for.

Long also made it clear that Flash is definitely meant to be a pet, and not to end up as someone’s meal!

Flash can be adopted as early as tomorrow morning when the doors open at 11:00 AM EST. He will be adopted on a first come first serve basis.

With that in mind, I thought who better to adopt Flash than the department or one of its members. Over the last few weeks, WAN has reported about a police station in Minnesota that adopted a dog they named Sgt. Fuzz followed by another one in Michigan that adopted a community relations cat.

It’s time for a pig to join the ranks!

The following call this morning was to the Havre de Grace Police Department where I was able to speak with Corporal Petz directly and share my idea with him.

When I inquired what the chances are that the department would adopt Flash, he responded with a light-hearted “slim” due to the necessary upkeep of the pig among other factors.

He did confirm that the officers were “happy because it was such a rare occurrence” to find a pig in the area.

Even better, he told WAN that several of the officers involved in the great big small pig rescue had mentioned that they might be interested in adopting Flash, though he Is not sure how serious they were.

Fingers and pettitoes, also known as pig’s feet, crossed that one of the officers adopts Flash tomorrow but regardless, we have no doubt this sweet pig will end up in a loving forever home.

Long said while no one has been able to visit Flash yet because of the hold, people have been calling about him.

People who may know who Flash might belong to are urged to come forward and contact either The Havre de Grace Police Department at 410-939-2121 or the Humane Society at 410-836-1090.

Here’s to a safe, loved, and long life sweet pig! May you be adopted in a Flash!

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