WAN’s Exclusive Update With SPCA Of Texas’ Victoria Albrecht On 50 Dead Horses & Rescue Of 87 Severely Neglected Animals From A “Sanctuary”


Photos from SPCA of Texas

A horrific scene unfolded earlier this week when 50 dead horses were discovered on the property of a self-described “sanctuary” for animals near Canton, Texas, in Van Zandt County.

According to the SPCA of Texas, 70 more severely neglected horses were rescued from the property along with donkeys, pigs, and a longhorn.

Fortunately, according to SPCA of Texas’ Communication Manager Victoria Albrecht, as of this morning, all of the rescued animals are still in the welfare organization’s care where they will remain until a judge determines their custody during a hearing scheduled for Thursday of next week.

The name of the owner and the so-called “sanctuary” have yet to be released.

“It was horrible,” Albrecht told WAN when describing the rescue and recovery which took place on Tuesday. “It was a sea of dead horses. No one ever wants to see something like this happen but we are glad we were able to save the animals that were still alive.”

Sadly, before their rescue, the animals were found to have little to no access to food and water and most were suffering from injuries and other health issues including malnutrition.

Albrecht explained that the horses were so desperate for nourishment that they were eating the bark off of the trees.

When WAN inquired how people can help, Albrecht noted that donations are always fantastic because it is extremely expensive to care for horses and other livestock.

Equally important, she emphasized the importance of people reporting any suspected animal cruelty to local authorities and welfare organizations such as the SPCA of Texas which serves seven counties in the area.

“Good Samaritans need to report any possible animal cruelty cases, otherwise we may not know about them and be able to help,” Albrecht told WAN. “Animals have no voice, so we have to be the voice for them.”

The SPCA of Texas received an initial complaint of suspected animal cruelty at the property on March 3rd and “began working with the owners, educating them on the proper feeding and care of horses and entering into an agreement with them to bring the animals’ conditions into compliance with Texas Health and Safety Code.”

The SPCA of Texas’ Investigator checked in on the animals on March 15th and again on March 28th.

On March 30th, after a complaint that more than 50 deceased horses were on the same property, the SPCA of Texas began gathering resources to remove the animals.

The animals were ultimately seized on April 3rd with the help of the Van Zandt County Sheriff’s Office and the Van Zandt County Constable’s Office.

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