WAN’s Most Wanted! Help Find Alleged Breeder Who Abandoned 27 Rabbits In The Woods Near A Long Island Train Station, $3,500 REWARD Offered For Any Information

While most people were enjoying the holiday weekend with friends and family, a group of animal welfare volunteers from multiple rescue groups in and around New York, spent their time rescuing 27 abandoned domesticated rabbits after they were dumped by a suspected breeder in the woods near the Ronkonkoma train station in Suffolk County.

“It’s pretty basic knowledge that domestic animals are not equipped to survive in the wild but regardless, someone heartless abandoned a ton of them. Help was needed trapping them as nightfall was approaching. Domestic rabbits are easy prey for raccoons,” Strong Island Animal Rescue League posted on its Facebook page noting that they were one of many groups that helped to rescue these “defenseless animals amongst a debris-filled property which included alcohol containers and used hypodermic needles.”

The initial call for help came from Robert Miserri from Guardians of Rescue who was the first on-site near the Ronkonkoma train station. The Suffolk County SPCA arrived next, followed by more rescue groups including Long Island Orchestrating for Nature (LION), which took temporary possession of some of the bunnies; All About Rabbits which took six; and Hopalong Hollow in Connecticut which sent volunteers to help rescue and take 15 rabbits with them.

If you are interested in adopting any of these rescued rabbits or donating to their care, please contact the rescues linked above.

“The animal rescue groups gathered a total of 27 rabbits as of Monday morning. Authorities said one of the rabbits had died and several of them had been caked in feces,” the Suffolk County SPCA posted on its Facebook page.

This was a remarkable rescue effort that was accomplished by many kind-hearted people and organizations.

Now, the public’s help is needed, according to The Suffolk County SPCA which is “highly-motivated to find those who are responsible for this heinous act.”


If you have Information, please contact the Suffolk County SPCA at (631) 382-7722. 

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