WAN’s Most Wanted: Help Identify The Sub-Human Who Discarded A Mastiff In An Arizona Dumpster


Animal control officers responded to an unusual call from a trash company yesterday and were shocked to find a frightened dog sitting among the waste in a large dumpster in Bullhead City, Arizona.

Now, Bullhead City Animal Care and Welfare (ACW) is requesting the public’s help in finding the cruel and irresponsible owner of the older male dog as he had no identification and was not microchipped.

As per a post on ACW’s Facebook page, the poor dog, which was found in a dumpster at the Mohave Crossroads Shopping Complex, is currently receiving care and treatment at the shelter.

“If you are no longer able to care for your pet, please call the shelter for more information on legally surrendering your animal,” noted the post. “The shelter is located at 2270 Trane Road in Bullhead City.”

ACW is requesting any information on this deplorable incident that can help identify the dog’s owner for prosecution purposes of abandonment and animal cruelty.

Anyone with information should contact the Bullhead City Animal Care and Welfare Shelter @ (928) 763-6000. 

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