WAN’s Most Wanted: Help Needed To Find Who Heartlessly Cut Off 10-Week-Old Puppy’s Ears Before Abandoning Him In Baltimore

A puppy is recovering in Baltimore, Maryland, after his ears were callously cut off by a heartless human.

According to Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Center (BARCS), the puppy was one of several rescued earlier this week by Baltimore City Animal Control. After responding to a call about two dogs tied to a tree and a box of puppies abandoned on an empty lot, the officer discovered that the young animals were for sale and one was bleeding from the head.

“This little guy, who we named Claude, was immediately seen by our veterinary team,” BARCS explained on its Facebook page. “It was clear that the inhumane and cruel removal of Claude’s ears was done using poor instruments (such as household objects), leaving him with tissue damage, pain, and infection.”

“In the arms of our staff, little Claude whimpers and cries. When he hears an interesting sound, he attempts to tilt his head and move what is left of his ears, but only finds himself in more pain,” continued the heartbreaking post. “He’s only 10 weeks old, and just trying to do natural puppy behaviors…but he can’t.”

What was wrong with the ears he was born with? Nothing!

Tragically, this was the result of the controversial practice of ear-cropping. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association’s website, in the United States only nine states currently specifically regulate ear cropping of dogs in the United States including Connecticut, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, and Pennsylvania, which all prohibit ear cropping except by a licensed veterinarian while the dog is under an anesthetic. States with other stipulations include Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, and Washington.

This unnecessary mutilation of dogs should be not be allowed anywhere, under any circumstances!

BARCS noted that it and organizations including the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Animal Hospital Association “oppose the cropping or removal of a dog’s ears.”

“Not only does ear cropping create unnecessary physical pain and discomfort for dogs,” noted the organization, “but it can also leave animals with lasting trauma.”

Dogs without ears are also more at risk for reoccurring ear infections and medical complications throughout their life. They also show expression through body language, and their ears play a big part in that.

Because Claude’s wounds and infections were so severe, he had to have an emergency surgery which sadly resulted in the necessary removal of untreated infected tissue; leaving the poor puppy with even more loss of his ear structure.

Baltimore City Animal Control is working diligently to get justice for Claude. Anyone with information about this case, should call Detective Fritzges with the BCPD Animal Abuse Unit at 443-681-0101.

BARCS, which plans to continue to care for Claude until he is healed and able to be adopted, is currently raising money for its Medical Care Fund to supplement his ongoing medical needs.

Please consider donating to BARCS for Claude’s care HERE!

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