WAN’s Most Wanted: Reward Reaches $36,000 To Help Find Serial Cat Killer In Washington; WAN Talks To Laura Henderson Of Pasado’s Safe Haven Who Is Involved With The Case

A dozen cats have tragically been found mutilated in Washington state with the latest being discovered in Thurston County on Wednesday of this week. The cats
have usually been left in public places after they are killed. Investigators believe these cases are linked due to similar mutilations done to the cats’ bodies.

As per the Thurston County Sherriff’s Department, on the morning of August 22nd, patrol deputies were dispatched to investigate the discovery of a maimed cat in the community. Unfortunately, later that day deputies were dispatched again to another scene where another cat was found mutilated.

According to an official statement by the department, since February, the crimes have also occurred throughout the communities of Olympia, Lacey, and Turn Water. This week’s cases were the first to occur within the primary jurisdiction of the Thurston County Sheriff’s office.

Realizing the enormity of these cases, on August 23rd, a major crimes detective was assigned to work collaboratively with various, previously assigned investigators from other relevant agencies to solve this disturbing serial crime against cats.

“Assisting law enforcement in animal cruelty cases is a critical part of what we do,” Laura Henderson, executive director of Pasado’s Safe Haven told WAN. “Oftentimes, when presented with an animal cruelty case, law enforcement does not have the necessary resources available to them. Pasado’s Safe Haven helps to fill in the gaps.

The largest animal sanctuary in the Pacific Northwest, Pasado’s Safe Haven investigates animal cruelty crimes; provides sanctuary and rehabilitation to animals who have suffered from abuse and neglect; advocates for better laws to protect animals; and works to educate the public about how they can help end animal cruelty.

“During an active case such as this one, the first thing we do is start building a reward fund,” explained Henderson. “The reward fund in this case has grown so quickly and we anticipate it will continue to increase. We find the rewards are critical because they raise interest and exposure from the media as well as other organizations willing to help, such as Peace 4 Animals.”

Currently, the reward for this case stands a $36,000.00 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the responsible party or parties.

In addition to the Peace For Animals and World Animal News’ $5,000.00 donation to this case’s reward fund, they have also donated another $5000.00 to the organization’s Cruelty Investigations And Rescue Fund, which supports its ongoing efforts to raise the bar of the entire system.

PETA and The Humane Society of the United States have also contributed to this case’s reward.

Other ways Pasado’s Safe Haven uses its resources to assist law enforcement in animal cruelty cases includes helping with: forensic testing, evidence collection, processing the crime scene, and medical assessments. It also maintains a full-time investigator and support staff to help when needed.

According to Henderson, training is another important component of the organization. Animal Cruelty Investigation 101 is among the many important workshops offered. The organization also provides more specialized training for law enforcement, animal control, veterinarians, and, for the first time this October, prosecutors.

“While we want to get ahead of animal cruelty and prevent it,” Henderson shared with WAN, “when it does sadly occur, we want to ensure that the system will work to the benefit of the animals.”

Serial crimes are terrifying for the community and now there is a real and active threat to animals. Another alarm that should be sounding off, is one for the potential threat to human life. The link between those committing heinous crimes against animals proceeding to commit unfathomable crimes against people has become increasingly well-documented.

In fact, according to Henderson, the FBI has been tracking people who commit a violent act against an animal since 2016. During that time, they have determined that the perpetrators are five times more likely to commit violence against another person or persons.

Thurston County Joint Animal Services, Pasado’s Safe Haven, and Washington’s Most Wanted are requesting the public’s help to identify a suspect.

Your support and willingness to spread the word about horrific acts of cruelty towards animals can help bring justice for these innocent victims. 

If you have any information, please call either 360-352-2510 or

To help increase the reward to help find the person who is committing these severe acts of animal cruelty, CLICK HERE!

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