WAN’s Most Wanted: Urgent Help Needed To Find Person or Persons Responsible For Poisoning Innocent Dogs & Wildlife In Wisconsin

Photo Credit: Wolf Patrol

Since December, an alarming number of innocent animals have died by poisoning in northern Wisconsin counties.

Authorities believe that someone is intentionally mixing an insecticide with meat and leaving it for animals to find.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, and the U.S. Forest Service, now need the public’s help in solving several of these unfathomable cases.

As per a statement released by the organizations, dog deaths have occurred in Bayfield, Marionette, and Florence County; however, other counties may be involved as well.

The deaths occurred on public properties in these counties which are managed by the U.S. Forest Service and the Goodman timber company.

Could there be a connection between the timber trade industry and the poisoned animals? Or, as speculated, is the poisoned meat put out in an attempt to kill wolves in the area?

In addition to the unfortunate poisoning of these family pets, investigators also found that coyotes, weasels, raccoons, and one wolf, they suspect were also victims of the poison. Lab tests are underway to confirm the cause of death in these wildlife cases.

The Wisconsin DNR, which is issuing a warning along with its request for information, is also sharing a photo of some of the poison recovered at a site where a family’s pet ingested the tainted substance before quickly dying from it.

According to investigators, the poison was found on the ground and subsequently ingested by the dogs. Each dog died in less than 30 minutes after ingestion. People walking their pets are recommended to keep them on leashes to restrict their movements off roadways and into unknown contact with any poison.

Anyone with information about these poisonings should call the WDNR Violation Hotline. You may confidentially report by calling or texting: 1-800-TIP-WDNR or 1-800-847-9367. You may also file a report online HERE!

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