WAN’s Rescue of The Week Is “Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary” In Honor of International Respect for Chickens Month

While there is so much important news to share about WAN’s Rescue of the Week and its extraordinary founder, 15-year-old Zoe Rosenberg, we will begin by introducing the world to Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary because, after all, May is International Respect for Chickens Month!

Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary, previously Happy Hen Chicken Rescue, was founded by Zoe in January of 2014 in San Luis Obispo, California, after the 11-year-old discovered that farmed animals were just as important and worthy of saving as dogs and cats.

Knowing she had to do something, Zoe became a vegan but quickly realized that was not enough.

As per the sanctuary’s website, Zoe “wanted to do more, so she asked her mom (HHCR’s veterinarian) Sherstin Rosenberg if they could start a chicken rescue. Sherstin said maybe, and for Zoe, that was enough. She spent over a month creating a website, and eventually, her mother agreed to rescue 12 hens from Cal Poly’s egg farm. They’ve been saving all species of farmed animals ever since.”

Since its inception, Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary has saved over 600 animals including turkeys, pigs, goats, and cows from certain death, and has shared their stories with millions of people around the world to inspire public change over what is happening to our nonhuman friends.

“Sanctuaries Not Slaughterhouses is our motto, and that is our over-arching goal: to shut down every last slaughterhouse in the world and replace them with animal sanctuaries,” states a wise and determined Zoe. “We believe that through the power of rescue, direct action, and storytelling, we can change the way society views animals, and ban all forms of animal exploitation.”

“We’d like all animals to be granted legal personhood, and no longer be considered property under the law,” continued Zoe. “We believe that together we can, and we will create a kinder world for all.”

Did I mention her age?

There are many ways to support Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary including sponsoring one of their more than 150 beloved rescued residents, helping them save more animals from slaughter, and making a donation HERE!

“Every last penny goes towards saving lives, and working to end the exploitation of animals worldwide.”

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