WANTED! Person Who Committed Horrific Case Of Animal Cruelty Resulting In Death Of Duck From Firecrackers

An unfathomable case of animal cruelty has resulted in the death of a young mallard duck in Auckland, New Zealand.

According to SPCA Auckland, the duck was still alive when it was found this morning suffering from catastrophic fireworks-related injuries, likely purposely put in the duck’s mouth, or picked up by the duck.”

Horrifically, vets believe the incident happened several days ago.

The pain and extended suffering this poor duck had to endure must have been unbearable!

The injuries were irreparable according to the organization and the duck was quickly euthanized to end her suffering.

“SPCA Auckland is completely horrified by this act of cruelty inflicted upon an animal. Our inspectors are actively investigating this case and asking anyone who has information about this to please come forward. Terrible pain and suffering have been inflicted on an innocent duck, and it is important that those responsible for this cruelty are held accountable, so it doesn’t happen again,” SPCA CEO Andrea Midgen stated in their Facebook post.

“Recreational cruelty has no place in our society, we are disgusted that someone believes it is acceptable to treat any animal in this way,” continued Midgen. “This is absolutely appalling and only further highlights why the private sales of fireworks need to be banned. They are dangerous and can be deadly, and put animals out there at risk.”

Midgen said the SPCA was in favor of a ban on the private sale of fireworks because of cases like this, which demonstrated the harm they could cause to animals.

The New Zealand Veterinary Association has reportedly also said it would be in favor of such a ban with chief veterinary officer Helen Beattie stating, according to Stuff.co.zn, “that animals suffered injuries every year from private fireworks and many suffered psychological trauma from the displays.”

Our aim is to allow people to enjoy controlled public displays only, to avoid causing fear, injury, and disruption for animals,” said Midgen.

Sadly, this is one of many such horrific cases of animal abuse involving firecrackers.

Several years ago, on July 4th, a California man thought it would be entertaining to strap firecrackers on the body of a young pit bull and set them off. The coward threw the dog out of the car and fled the scene but was later apprehended. His sentence in no way met his crime. Fortunately, the dog survived and was adopted by a vet tech where he was being treated. She named him Indy for Independence Day.

May this serve as a serious reminder of just how dangerous firecrackers can be in the hands of non-professionals!

And may the despicable perpetrator who terrorized this innocent duck be found, arrested, tried and held accountable for their horrible actions.

SPCA Auckland said it was investigating the incident and encouraged members of the public to call them on 64 (09) 256 7300 with any tips or further information.

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