WARNING, GRAPHIC! SPCA New Zealand Releases New List Of Shame; The Worst Cases of Animal Cruelty of 2017

Frosty the horse is one of the 11 tragic cases of animal cruelty that’s on SPCA New Zealand’s new List Of Shame. Frosty had undergone eye removal surgery and the sutures had been left in and his head was grossly enlarged and misshapen. Sadly, Frosty had to be euthanized. Frosty’s owner was prosecuted by the SPCA and sentenced to 260 hours’ of community work, disqualified from owning horses for 5 years and ordered to pay fines of $1468.41. Which is sadly nothing compared to the crime committed.

The SPCA New Zealand released its annual List of Shame today, calling attention to some of the most horrific cases of animal cruelty that occurred in the country last year.

The heartbreaking list, which was released ahead of the 2018 SPCA Annual Appeal from March 9 through the 11th, includes unfathomable stories of senseless pain and suffering inflicted upon innocent animals by the hands of cruel and compassionless humans.

Topping the list is Sully, a spaniel-poodle mix owned by a woman previously prosecuted by the SPCA and disqualified from owning animals. While in her care, Sully experienced extreme psychological trauma that led to severe anxiety and the inability to make eye contact.

Fortunately, after months of successful rehabilitation, Sully was adopted by a new forever family. Sully was also selected to serve as the ‘face’ of the 2018 SPCA Annual Appeal because he demonstrates just how vital the SPCA’s work is.

Meanwhile, the animal welfare investigation is still ongoing and has yet to be brought before the courts.

“We need the public’s support to end this shameful cruelty in New Zealand. We receive almost no government funding to run the SPCA Inspectorate, which costs approximately $9 million every year,” SPCA Chief Executive Andrea Midgen said in a statement. “The SPCA is here to stand up for any animal that is physically abused, abandoned, neglected, tortured and in pain. It is a very big job and we need all the support we can get.”

Also, included on this year’s List of Shame was a shocking case of 600 starving chickens, roosters, and ducks with severe feather loss that were found in an overcrowded environment trying to feed on the decomposing birds around them.

Many of the poor birds that were still alive were covered in thick mud and feces. A veterinarian examination determined that the health and prognosis of the birds were so poor they were unlikely to regain full health, even with intensive treatment. Sadly, they had to be euthanized to end their suffering.

The man responsible was prosecuted by the SPCA and sentenced to six months’ home detention, 150 hours of community work, and ordered to pay veterinary and court costs to a total value of $3840.00. He was also prohibited from owning animals for 10 years.

The case of Tasha, an emancipated five-year-old Labrador cross that was rescued by an SPCA Inspector, was also on the list. Sadly, she died the same day due to the severity of her condition.

Her owner pleaded guilty to ill-treatment of an animal, was prohibited from owning animals for 10 years and fined $2000.00. Again, just a slap on the wrist.

The story, previously reported by WAN, about a young mallard duck who was found with catastrophic firework-related injuries that SPCA veterinarians suspect were intentionally inflicted, was also included on the list.

Sadly, the kindest thing SPCA veterinarians could do was to end her suffering. Despite launching a full investigation, SPCA Inspectors never found the person or persons responsible.

Donations for SPCA New Zealand’s Annual Appeal, which aims to raise awareness and funding to support the more than 15,000 animal welfare complaints SPCA receives each year, along with ongoing education to prevent animal cruelty can be made HERE!

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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