WATCH: “Rescue Dogs” The Movie

“Rescue Dogs,” the new film starring real rescue animals hit theaters April 2016.  The film is one of the first to highlight animals who have been rescued from shelters and given a second chance at life. Busted Buggy Entertainment has teamed up with over 20 different rescue organizations to host animal adoption events outside of the screenings during it’s opening weekend. The goal is to raise awareness and funds for the rescue organizations that have come on board to support the film, and many animals have found their forever home as a result.

Some of the animal rescues who have joined the team are:

“Rescue Dogs,” is the story of Tracy and his rescue dog Charger, who’s goal is to stop the plans of an evil businessman who wants to knock down their restaurant in order to build a golf course. With help from his brother, Tracy tries to pay the bills, manage the kitchen, and find time to fall in love with a beautiful dancer named Bridget.

Busted Buggy Entertainment is a production company founded by actress Courtney Daniels. “Rescue Dogs” is the third feature film BBE has produced and is especially close to Daniels’ heart, as she is the proud parent of seven rescue animals. The film was written by Jordan Rawlins and MJ Anderson, and co-directed by Anderson and Haik Katsikian.

Founder, Courtney Daniels encourages animal welfare organizations everywhere to host a screening of the film in their own cities to continue to benefit animals in need. If you belong to an animal welfare organization and would like to host your own screening visit: tugg

To find out more information on the film visit:

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