We Need Your Help To Urge Members Of The United States Congress To Support The Ban On Exotic Animals In Circuses


The time is now for the United States to make history by joining many other countries around the world who have took a stand for animals and banned wild animals used in traveling circuses.

Animals used to perform for human entertainment in the circus aren’t given a choice. Unlike human entertainers, they are kept imprisoned and forced to take part day after day in cruel circus shows. It’s time to end this exploitation and ban the use of exotic animals in circuses throughout the country.

A federal bill called the Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act (TEAPSPAwould do just that. This legislation (H.R. 2863) was reintroduced in the House of Representatives in May 2019, and was introduced for the first time in the Senate in July 2019 (S. 2121). This important bill also has the support of some of the largest and most prominent animal welfare organizations in the United States.

Animals used in circuses endure countless hours inside cramped cages and trailers as they’re hauled from show to show. Their training often involves punishing methods, and their handlers may beat, restrain, and sedate them. Keeping wild animals in such close proximity to humans also poses a significant public safety risk, and there have been numerous tragic incidents resulting in injury or death. Six states and more than 135 municipalities have passed legislation to restrict or ban exotic animal acts, and TEAPSPA would unify this patchwork of laws and ensure that the use of exotic animals in circuses is prohibited nationwide.

Please contact your United States Representatives and Senators via AWI’s Compassion Index HERE! Urge them to cosponsor TEAPSPA (H.R. 2863) to finally put an end to circus cruelty nationwide. 

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