A Weekend Of Protests Targeted Fur Farms In Ontario, Canada


The Kitchener Ontario Animal Liberation Alliance (KOALA), a network of animal activists who fight against animal exploitation through direct action, as well as public outreach and education, launched its End Fur Farming campaign this past weekend by protesting 40 farms in Ontario; the majority which specialized in mink.

“The mink have about two sheets worth of paper to live on,” Malcolm Klimowicz, one of the organizers told the Woodstock Sentinel Review as he explained how the frustrated animals live in a “constant state of distress.” “The fur industry will tell you that they are domesticated, but fur farming has only been around for 100 years. They breed the animals not for traits of domestication, but for pelt traits. Stuff that looks nice on a coat.”


Klimowicz led the rally in front of Jeff Mitchell Mink Ranch while others raised “Stop Animal Cruelty” signs and an “End Fur Farming” banner.

Some protesters manipulated their bodies into small wire cages to demonstrate the inhumane living conditions of the animals.

Fur farming killing methods are horrific,  such as anal electrocution which is  reportedly still used so it doesn’t damage the fur.

According to Klimowicz, the fur farms are in direct violation of the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. He further claimed that the very government that is supposed to be regulating fur farms is in fact “funding research for the mink industry and the fox industry, doing bailouts of millions of dollars from the federal and provincial governments” and that there have been no inspections of the farms by the OSPCA, the Ministry of Agriculture or the Ministry of the Environment for years.


In a release over the weekend, The Canadian Mink Breeders Association (CMBA) responded that “the standards of care for raising farmed mink in Canada are set out in a Code of Practice that was prepared by veterinarians, animal scientists, producers and animal welfare authorities working under the National Farm Animal Care Council.”

We don’t believe it!

The release also claimed that that cage design, sizes, nutrition, veterinary care and other husbandry standards were established to guarantee the animals best welfare.

Are they kidding?


The easiest way to help is by not wearing fur, spreading the word about the truth behind the fur trade, signing this change.org petition that is directed at Jeff Leal, the Ontario minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, requesting that the cruel and inhumane treatment of furbearing animals stops, and for the enactment of a province-wide ban on fur farming.


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